April 15, 2021

Year 2020 Has Been “Challenging” For Kim Kardashian Specially After Husband Kanye West “Cut Her Off” Amid Divorce

The 40-year-old reality star, when asked about post covid-19 pandemic life and her impending divorce from husband’s Kanye, Kim states that the previous year was challenging for her,  

“I think this year has been challenging for so many people but I also think that this year was a huge cleanse and just a huge opportunity for people to really be grateful for the simple things and and that is a huge- I think awakening that some people had “- Kim Kardashian, as per Vogue page six. 

She added, ” Even though it has been such a challenging year, it’s a time to regenerate, get creative, spend so much time with family and just this time I’ve been able to spend with my children has been priceless. That part has been so beautiful.

Kim was neither asked about her divorce directly nor she opened up about it. 

The rapper though “cut her off” communication but is in touch with the children. Kanye said Kim can contact his security if needed. They have an army of nannies that makes it easy for them to handle their parenting duties.  

Insiders revealed to page six that even before Kim filed for divorce, Kanye changed his number. 

Kim’s divorce documents were filed by Laura Wasser. Report says that there is no exact date of separation rather the date is yet “to be determined”