April 15, 2021

“She Started Hitting me with Slippers”- Accused Zomato Delivery Man Kamaraj.

March 13, Bengaluru, India

Hitesha Chandranee, a woman from Bengaluru accused a Zomato delivery man for physically assaulting her as she rejected the food for late delivery.

Hitesha made an IG video with her bleeding nose claiming Kamaraj, the delivery man from Zomato hit her hard on her nose as she refused the order and was complaining to a Zomato executive via call about the late delivery.

Accused man, Kamaraj was arrested hours after this video went viral. Zomato delisted him and blocked his ID. 

The accused says, “I am working in Zomato for past 26months with 4.7 ratings.” 

He further adds that he was badly accused by Hitesha and hit with a slipper as she accepted the order but refused to pay for it. Kamaraj just wanted to safeguard himself and accidentally Hitesha’s own finger ring hit her nose that caused the bleeding as she was hitting Kamaraj. 

The accused Zomato delivery man says, “let the truth win. If not, I will fight it legally.” He also shares that his mother suffers from co-morbid conditions and he lost his father 15years ago, and he is the only breadwinner of his family. 

Kamaraj has been granted conditional bail.