April 15, 2021

Hindu Man’s Body Buried in Saudi Arabia According to Muslim Rights, Wife Seeks Justice

A peculiar case was filed under Delhi High Court, by a Indian Hindu woman, whose husband’s deceased body was mistakenly buried as per muslim rituals due to incorrect translation of his religion in his death certificate by the Indian Consulate officials.

 The High Court asked Centres to take steps to bring back the body of the deceased man to India in order to carry out the last ritual rites,  as his wife is approaching the authorities from January. 

 Sanjeev Kumar, an Indian Hindu, was in Saudi Arabia for professional purposes whereas his wife and other family members were in india. He died of cardiac arrest and his family was informed about his death. As the family members were waiting to receive his body, they received the shocking news of his burial as per muslim rites.

Petitioner Anju Sharma said that as soon as they got the news of her husband’s death they requested the authorities to send his body back to India. On 18th February, she was informed about his burial.

 It was due to a mistake committed by the official translator of Indian consulate, Jeddah, who mentioned the deceased man’s religion as Islam in the death certificate. The authority has apologized. Kumar’s family has filed a petition through advocate Subhash Chandran K R and Yogamaya M G, where they said that none of the family members gave consent to bury his body in Saudi Arabia.

 The woman has seeked help from the Ministry of External Affairs(MEA) via the high court to bring back her husband’s corpse as soon as possible.

The judge said that it’s an “unfortunate” case and also informed that the concerned MEA officer shall join the proceedings on 18th March to bring back the body of the Indian Hindu man and perform his last rituals.

Even after 7 weeks of Kumar’s death, the authorities have not been able to solve the issue. “His wife has been approaching the authorities since January”,  said Justice Prathiba M Singh.