April 15, 2021

Google to Pay $5 Billion incognito Mode Lawsuit

Google was charged with a $ 5 billion lawsuit, in June 2020, for tracking the activities of it’s users allegedly, in chrome browser incognito mode. 

A federal judge informed on Friday that the search giant must face a lawsuit.

After this, Google appealed to throw out the case to the court. As per report, the complainants seek $ 5000 damages per user.

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Users claim that websites send browsing data back to Google

Google to defend itself against such allegations

As per California privacy laws, Google is charged for violating Federal Wiretap  Act

Google’s appeal to through out the case has been rejected by court

Google is accused of collecting user’s data, also when the user uses more private incognito mode.

According to the district court of North California lawsuit case is filled on the basis that Google Analytics, Google Ad Manager, and their website plug-ins are alleged of sending back browsing data  even when the user uses incognito mode, the mode that is created to protect users privacy.

 The complaint states that Google cannot continue “convert and unauthorised data collection from virtually every American with a computer or phone. “