April 15, 2021

First Baby Born with Covid-19 Antibodies

United States: First Baby in the world to be born with coronavirus antibodies in the USA to a woman who was vaccinated during her 36th week of pregnancy.

The article that reveals the doctors’ finding about the World’s first baby born with antibodies of corona is yet to be peer reviewed.

Sources say that the mother of this baby is a frontline health care worker. In January she received her first dose of Moderna shot.

 Doctor Paul Gilbert said to a local network, ” We tested the baby’s cord to see if the antibodies in the mother passed to the baby, which is something we see happen with other vaccines given during pregnancy.” 

As per Doctor Chad Rudnick and Gilbert, after three weeks of receiving the anti-covid vaccine the woman gave birth to a healthy baby girl.  Scientists ascertained that antibodies were present in the umbilical cord at the time of delivery, after testing the blood on the baby’s umbilical cord. 

Based on this the doctors claim that the rate of infection can be reduced faster by vaccinating pregnant women.

But then doctors have also added that further studies are needed to understand whether the newborns are protected by the antibodies.