CEO of Serum Institute flew off to London, being threatened

Adar Poonawalla, the CEO of the Serum Institute, claims that he has received several threats regarding vaccine availability. As per his interview in Times of London, he said that he has received direct threats that if he didn’t provide vaccines it would not be good for him. He has been surrounded by such threats and it’s all taking over, and he and his company could do nothing else than fulfilling ‘their” demands.

He claims that he has been receiving such threats from high profile and powerful politicians and heads of business conglomerates and others, including the chief ministers, even after being surrounded by Y plus security.

He flew to London for a good period of time to stay away from such pressure.

As the journalist of the Times of London asked him, what was his say about the terrific increase of covid-19 second wave in India, either it’s the election rallies held in such a pandemic situation or the religious gathering of Kumbh Mela? 

Poonawalla claims that whether he gives the right answer or any kind of answer to this, his head would be chopped off! He also adds that he couldn’t comment anything regarding the election or the Kumbh Mela as it’s too sensitive even to God to forecast the outcome.