99% Pilgrims tested Positive for COVID-19 After returning from Kumbh Mela

Bhopal, India- out of 61 pilgrims, 60 are covid positive. As India is badly affected by the second wave of covid-19 pandemic, the fear about Kumbh Mela came true. It was highly assumed that the world’s largest religious gathering, Kumbh Mela, would further increase the spread of the pandemic, and it came true.

Not only Bhopal, people from different cities all over India flocked into Kumbh mela amidst the outbreak of this deadly pandemic. This further increased the caseload. Many states made covid-19 test mandatory for the returnees and to maintain quarantine.

Delhi made it mandatory for pilgrims to be in 14 days quarantine and strict actions are to be taken against people who hide their information about such travels. 

In Gujarat, the RT-PCR test is mandatory for the devotees returning from Kumbh as many of them have been seen not maintaining proper covid protocol.

As covid-19 is increasing at an alarming rate with a huge number of new cases each day followed by the mortality rate. This religious gathering for Kumbh Mela has no doubt acted as a catalyst to this.